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 I Hate Healing U's Application

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PostSubject: I Hate Healing U's Application   Mon Oct 19, 2009 2:02 pm

1) Your IGN
I Hate Healing U

2) Your age

3) Time Zone

4) Number of characters/professions/campaigns (all 4 req)
But my Sin(beaten Factions, NF has TOA, Almost beat gwen), War(Beaten Factions, NF, has ToA), Necro(close to beating nf, beaten factions and has TOA) and Monk (is what i excel at and use as a main I've done everything with this character,and i stress EVERTHING, almost Gwamm on this char Very Happy)
I have all the campaigns

5) Interests in game
In general a love this game and i enjoy everything about it i love elite area farms and would love to get started again for doa clears.

6) Experience in the game and in elite areas
Ive done a crap ton of DOA(cant run necro here yet but can run almost anything else) then i want to tell u guys i have experience in DoA tanking as a sin and war solo tank, but id like to learn the dual tank Very Happy makes me kinda sad when i think about it, Urgoz, deep, FOWsc(can do anything), UWsc(can run anything). Can do SoOsc, KathaSC, OolaSc, and almost anyother dungeon if i can learn it.

7) How long have u been playing GW for? What is the number of hours?
ive been at it for about 39 months, 4400 hours and 5 min across all my chars

8 ) Professions you have played in: a)DoA, b)UW, c)FoW d)Urgoz e)various dungeons.
DoA: Monk, War, Sin(ive done doa with like almost everyway except the shitterflame)
UW: I can play anything in UW
Fow: I can play anything but my war i still i need 1 more skill for her but i know the run Very Happy
Urgoz: Sin, Monk, War(100b)
Deep: Any class needed down there except an ele( i really need to make one across thes games)

9) Number and names of guilds you've been in in the last 6 months
I was a member of some not so well know guilds in the past 6 months but they started of good then died down as people lost interest in anything I was in Elite Duncun Runners guild before it got bombed and Guardian of Ectos i believe knows who this is.

10) Reason you left your last guild
Guilds died down no interest in doing anything as a team

11) How did u hear about GEMS?
I saw a post about the guild on a website i cant seem to remember

12) Do u have vent + mic? if no, are u willing to download it and use it?
I love vent and i have a mic and everything i had my own server a while back but i dont feel like paying for it anymore Very Happy

All in all guys i feel i am a good player i am fun loving and i joke alot and i never take anything to heart because i know its all fun i love doing elite areas for money and such and would love to be part of the DOA or speed clear teams (fow and uw i am getting sick of now) ive been playing for about 4 years i lost my other account info so i needed to buy a new one. My monk has 28 titles maxed atm i could get 29 but too much money usage. Most of my HoM is done the titles and minipets is what i got left. All in all i love this game and would be delited to be a part of [GEMS] because i feel i can learn alot from u guys and i hope u can learn some stuff from me aswell Very Happy

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PostSubject: ...   Mon Oct 19, 2009 8:21 pm

Nice app. Woud love to see you in action. I think a trial run is sufficient, along with a vent meeting/interview. Hows Friday Oct. 23, 2009 at 5:00pm PST sound? I am overuling any officer rating here sorry guys. and FYI Elite Duncan is in our ally, not his guild, but him. Guardian of Ectos isn't in GEMS anymore also. And the only 2 sites we are posted on are guru and wiki ("Official"), so if you remember thatd be great.
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PostSubject: Thx   Tue Oct 20, 2009 11:59 am

thanksyou but it seems Balistic already invited me to guild after an interview but yes if need be i can still show up for that interview although if it was earlier it would be nice(earlier as in early date althought i cant make it at 5pm on wednesday because i have college till 4pm central) Very Happy
and yes i learned that yesterday after i was invited
i saw some screenshots of guildruns so i assumed guardian was still there ah well its all good:D
about the website i believe i saw a post for yall on ah i cant remember the name of the guild but the tag was [ECTO] or something like that. It had something to do with yall joining their alliance a while back but i liked what i saw from yalls guild so i decided to apply here

thx again
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PostSubject: Re: I Hate Healing U's Application   

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I Hate Healing U's Application
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