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 Joining Up With [GEM] Alliance.

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Joining Up With [GEM] Alliance. Empty
PostSubject: Joining Up With [GEM] Alliance.   Joining Up With [GEM] Alliance. Icon_minitimeSun Oct 18, 2009 5:51 pm

1. Guild and Guild Leaders in game name.
Ar드h1t트드tz 으f 즈h트 Ap으드으1yps트

Elite Duncan Runner

2. Please list number of members and officers and post a pic of your daily activity level.
Right now the guild aint active there is 9 mems most off for 2 weeks. The guild was Full with everyone on within a day but since our guild was good someone bombed it.
3. What Elite farms does your guild particiapte in on a daily basis.
Are guild will be doing DoASC/OolaSC/RavenSC/KathSC/SoOSC/BogSC/RrgarSC/UwSc/FowSc.
4. Previous alliance's your guild was a part of.
Our Last Alliance We Were The Leader Smile 2 Mil Kurz Alliance Active In Title Maxing
5. Write a paragraph on what you want out of GEMS alliance and what your guild can bring to our alliance. Please list any rules your guild strictly follows.
What i want from [GEM] is to accept the fact i have a small guild but have the cabability to make it Good FAST and bring it up to [GEM] Standards.

We Can bring More Sc's that This alliance does not do to help them get Dugneon Books full get good weapons Have Fun Start Groups and Get rich!

6. Does your guild have their own vent server and website/forums? If so, please list the forum address

Atm We Have neither
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Joining Up With [GEM] Alliance. Empty
PostSubject: Umm   Joining Up With [GEM] Alliance. Icon_minitimeSun Oct 18, 2009 9:13 pm

we alrdy went over this. Make it so I can invite you.
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Joining Up With [GEM] Alliance.
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