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 Mcluvin's Application

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PostSubject: Mcluvin's Application   Mcluvin's Application Icon_minitimeFri Oct 16, 2009 10:56 am

1) Your IGN
Lisa Mcluvin
Unseen Enigmator
Taka Samurie

2) Your age

3) Time Zone

4) Number of characters/professions/campaigns (all 4 req)
Sin - Eotn + ToA
Mes - Eotn + NF + HzH
Monk - Eotn, HzH and ToA, soon will have NF as well as Factions
Ele - originaly was creater for materials farming, but has ToA so I can do FoW and would have no problems getting here thought nf or eotn

5) Interests in game
Elite areas/Dungeons

6) Experience in the game and in elite areas
For the last few months Ive been doing mostly dungeon/elite areas.

7) How long have u been playing GW for? What is the number of hours?
39 months, 1755 hours

8 ) Professions you have played in: a)DoA, b)UW, c)FoW d)Urgoz e)various dungeons.
UW - 6 area sin
FoW - UA
DoA - Esurge, but im planning to learn VoR and monk soon.
Urgoz - Never really had a chance to try it but im sure i could do it on my mes and monk
Dungeon SCs(sinway): Oolas, SoO, Froggy, Rragars, Kathandrex

9) Number and names of guilds you've been in in the last 6 months
Our Dream Are [Wet] - I left because I was getting bored with doing uw and sinway dungeons 24/7. I wanted to do farms that include other characters and just try something new.
Lawl - scar ally

10) Reason you left your last guild
Ive enjoyed my time in the scar ally, but i left because of players inactivity and lack of guild runs.
Technically I was kicked but thats my story: I decided I want to leave the guild because of the reasons ive already stated, but before i clicked :leave:
one of the officers saw me saying: LF active sc guild.... in spamadan and pretty much saved my time by kicking me.

11) How did u hear about GEMS?
Ive been in the ally with you and I saw the ad on guru.
I fell like I'd fit in the guild, because im an active player who wants to do a lot of DoA. The other reason is, that I read that you do most of the runs on weekends. This is baisicly when I will be mostly playing from now on, beacause for the last month ive been on for about 4-7hours during weektime, but it didnt really work out for me with school. This is why on weekends I will be on for about 5-8h and an hour or 2 during week.

12) Do u have vent + mic? if no, are u willing to download it and use it?
Absolutely doing any farms or vanq. is boring without vent for me >)

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PostSubject: Mhm   Mcluvin's Application Icon_minitimeFri Oct 16, 2009 6:40 pm

/approve bro. We will set up a trial run with you as esurge soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Mcluvin's Application   Mcluvin's Application Icon_minitimeFri Oct 16, 2009 6:57 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Mcluvin's Application   Mcluvin's Application Icon_minitime

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Mcluvin's Application
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