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Do NOT use "reply" to the application thread when posting a new application. Please post your application as a new thread, i.e. use the "new post" tab.

Due to the overwhelming number of applicants that we get on a daily basis from well deserving members of the community, applications as individual threads will make it easier for our officers to respond to u in a timely manner.

First you have to register here.

The Subject should be: <NAME HERE>'s Application

Your application post should include:

1) Your IGN
2) Your age
3) Time Zone
4) Number of characters/professions/campaigns (all 4 req)
5) Interests in game
6) Experience in the game and in elite areas
7) How long have u been playing GW for? What is the number of hours?
8 ) Professions you have played in: a)DoA, b)UW, c)FoW d)Urgoz e)various dungeons.
9) Number and names of guilds you've been in in the last 6 months
10) Reason you left your last guild
11) How did u hear about GEMS?
12) Do u have vent + mic? if no, are u willing to download it and use it?

Feel free to add what u deem appropriate.

After we review the info in your application and we feel like you would fulfill the requirements that we expect of our members, we will be in touch to arrange for an interview.

The interview process usually involves you getting on vent and joining a conversation with GL+officers+members depending on who's available at the time. In special circumstances we may decide to do an interview by pms. You must understand however that you need to be on vent for any guild activity, and setting up your vent should be a priority. We dont believe in asking questions on our forums regarding applications coz we realize there is prolly certain info that most of us would not like to leave open for everyone to review. These questions will be discussed in the privacy of our vent.

Please note GEMS runs around 50 members most of the time with strict activity reqs. If we don't get back to you to arrange for an interview soon after you apply we maybe waiting for a spot to be available in our guild. Please allow our officers a few days to review your info and get back to you.

To get an estimate of your waiting time, review the total number of applicants; locked applications are the ones we are done reviewing/interviewing (whether they were accepted or not), open threads are the ones pending, either pending a spot to open up or pending decision regarding accepting or not. So the number of non locked applications would give you an idea about the waiting list.

So to summarize these are the stages of the application:

1) Posting your application on our forum with the requested info mentioned above.

2) GEMS Leadership reviewing ur application, if for any reason we decide you dont qualify the thread will be locked without notice. If we decide you fulfill the basic requirements we move to the step 3

3) The vent interview, where you are asked to get on vent with a working mic to be interviewed by the Guild Leader/officers. This is where real discussion about your skill and abilities in the game will take place. We refrain from in depth discussion on our forums because we think direct communication on vent will better allow us to gauge your abilities.

Thx for your cooperation, and good luck.
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