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PostSubject: Application   Application Icon_minitimeSat Oct 03, 2009 6:31 pm

Application: Leave Now Or Die

1) Your IGN- Leave Now Or Die
2) Your age- 14: 8/06/1995
3) Time Zone- Pacific
4) Number of characters/professions/campaigns (all 4 req)- 8 characters (1 pvp)- Sin ,Ranger, War, paragon, monk, derv, monk, and pvp char
5) Interests in game- farming, title hunting, learning DoA, UWSc
6) Experience in the game and in elite areas- experienced in FoWSc
7) How long have u been playing GW for? What is the number of hours?- 1,066 hr. / 36 months
8 ) Professions you have played in: a)DoA, b)UW, c)FoW d)Urgoz e)various dungeons. - I have only played on a warrior in foWSc as a 100b.
9) Number and names of guilds you've been in in the last 6 months- Do not remember, No guild at the moment
10) Reason you left your last guild- kicked for inactivity
11) How did u hear about GEMS?- a friend in the guild (Grazden the Healer)
12) Do u have vent + mic? if no, are u willing to download it and use it?- vent yes mic no
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PostSubject: Sorry   Application Icon_minitimeSat Oct 03, 2009 7:05 pm

/decline. Get some more experience then reapply.
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